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Photo Identification Guides for Deep-sea Corals an...

Iridogorgia magnispiralis, southwest Florida escarpment. Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. Two new photo identification guides for deep-sea corals and sponges are now available to the public from ...

NCCOS Expertise Highlighted at Coastal GeoTools Co...

NCCOS geospatial expertise was highlighted at this year's Coastal GeoTools Conference in North Charleston, SC earlier this month. Hosted by the Association of State Floodplain Managers, coastal management data professionals ...

New Areas and Species of Cordell Bank and Greater ...

In a hallmark collaboration between scientists from National Marine Sanctuaries, NCCOS, USGS, and California Academy of Sciences, the characterization of seafloor habitats in newly expanded areas of two West Coast ...

New Species of Marine Sponge Discovered in Gulf of...

NOAA scientists and their partners came across an unknown marine sponge last summer while conducting a survey of continental shelf features off the coast of southeastern Alaska. Using a remotely ...

NOAA Supports Middle School Career Fair

Taking advantage of an opportunity to inform the public about the importance of NOAA science, NCCOS staff participated in last month's Fort Johnson Middle School Career Fair in Charleston, South ...

NCCOS Scientists attend Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill C...

NCCOS staff and scientists from CCEHBR in Charleston, SC recently attended the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference in Tampa, Florida. The conference drew over 2,000 scientists, ...


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Distribution of deep-water corals, sponges, and demersal fisheries landings in Southern California, USA: implications for conservation priorities

Deep-sea corals in Southern California are diverse and abundant but subject to multiple stressors, including bottom-contact fisheries using mobile and fixed gear. There is a need for more information on the distribution of these taxa in relation to the distribution ...

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