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Histological Techniques for Marine Bivalve Mollusk...

To best manage marine resources such as bivalve mollusks (i.e., clams, oysters) and crustaceans (i.e., crabs), scientists must have access to the tools needed to study the health of these ...


Cooperative Oxford Lab Conducts Environmental Heal...

NCCOS Safety Officer Ron Gagnon looks on as Amy Freitag of NCCOS COL uses a fire extinguisher to put out a practice fire during Safety Training at Cooperative Oxford Laboratory ...

Cooperative Oxford Lab Names NOAA R5502 the R/V Ch...

Obtained by NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science in 2012 and known by its R5502 NOAA hull number, the 58' 04' vessel was officially named the R/V Chesapeake at ...


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Coastal ecosystem assessment of Chesapeake Bay watersheds: A story of three rivers, the Corsica, Magothy, and Rhode

This assessment explored linkages between land use and aquatic ecosystem health. Three watersheds (Corsica, Magothy, and Rhode rivers) with variable dominant land-use patterns (agriculture, suburban/residential, and mixed-use, respectively) were examined. The health of each habitat was assessed using a suite ...

Histological techniques for marine bivalve mollusks and crustaceans

During the mid-1950s, massive and widespread oyster mortalities, particularly in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay areas, served as a stimulus to establish a federal oyster mortality study program. Consequently, Congress appropriated funds to the then Bureau of Commercial Fisheries (BCF) ...

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