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Food limitation in stream salmonid populations

Posted on: 03/13/2023
Research Area(s): Internships / Research

Summary / Description

For thousands of years, anadromous Pacific salmon returned to their natal streams to reproduce and in the process supported humans in addition to a variety of species including future generations of salmon. But severe population declines due to human activities have severely reduced the energetic subsidies provided by these species that fueled the next generation. As a result of these losses, there is the potential for food limitation in stream rearing juvenile salmonid populations. However, our understanding of what determines the quantity and quality of food available to juvenile salmon in streams is remarkably poor. If we can improve this understanding, then we can begin to develop conservation strategies that promote food quantity and quality which will be especially important as the climate warms and energetic demands increase. As an intern in this project, you will join an active team of researchers working across the range of Pacific salmon to understand factors that determine food availability for juvenile salmonids. This internship will include a mix of laboratory, field and computer tasks. The intern will receive a variety of different experiences relevant to fish conservation ecology.

Skills Required

  • An active listener, with a curious mind and honest work ethic
  • Ability to get things done, and independent time management skills
  • Working knowledge of ecology
  • Working knowledge of safe laboratory and field practices
  • Willingness to work in remote locations sometimes carrying a backpack
  • Willingness to work in streams including wading and conducting fish surveys
  • Experience programming in R

Type of Opportunity



Remote or In-person:



Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle WA

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:

Peter Kiffney

Number of Slots Available:



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