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Tracking of Caribbean Corals Outplanted from Nurseries

Posted on: 02/09/2023
Research Area(s): Internships / Policy

Summary / Description

Coral restoration is an increasingly popular technique for addressing coral population declines and limited recovery. There are a multitude of organizations propagating corals in nurseries for use in population enhancement and restoration activities. This project will track the numbers and locations of corals outplanted on reefs from various nursery efforts to help inform management activities. The intern will be responsible for populating a Microsoft Access database with current nursery and outplant information, contacting nursery operators to fill in data gaps, performing quality checks on existing data, summarizing results in a technical report, and potentially mapping outplant locations. The intern will be encouraged to provide feedback on how to improve the database and to learn how to use Access to create useful products. For more information about the restoration database, check out the map and information about the Coral Restoration Consortium.

Skills Required

  • This position will require a self-starter with excellent organization skills, attention to detail, and proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Experience with Microsoft Access and ArcGIS desired.
  • Knowledge of Caribbean coral species is a plus.

Type of Opportunity

Conservation and management


Remote or In-person:



NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office - St. Petersburg, FL

In-person preferred but would consider remote

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:

Alison Moulding

Number of Slots Available:



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