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A Pilot Assessment of Fish Habitat in Choptank Riv...

Fish and shellfish populations depend on healthy habitats. To help understand and manage these habitats in the Chesapeake Bay, we will develop a GIS-based analytical framework that might be used ...

An Ecological Assessment to Support NOAA’s Choptan...

The Choptank watershed is an ecologically and economically valuable resource and designated Habitat Focus Area. We are collecting and synthesizing biological, chemical, and physical data to characterize the condition of ...


Envisioning Community Goals and Restoration of the...

Attendees gather at the "Envision the Choptank" stakeholder forum. Credit: NOAA Participants engage in forum discussion and activities. Credit: NOAA Several NCCOS products were in the limelight at the December ...


Maps, Tools & Applications

This Data Explorer Map contains ecological and socioeconomic datasets including management boundaries, human use activities, fish and oyster surveys, and benthic habitats in the NOAA Choptank Habitat Focus Area (HFA) Ecosystem Assessment. The tool allows managers, stakeholders and the general public to visualize data that assists with decision-making about management of the ecosystem in the Choptank watershed.
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Data & Publications

A coastal community vulnerability assessment for the Choptank Habitat Focus Area

This report presents a framework and provides findings from a community vulnerability assessment analysis conducted in the Choptank Habitat Focus Area (HFA) within the Chesapeake Bay. Due to the strong connectivity between Chesapeake Bay communities and their environment, the risks ...

Choptank ecological assessment: digital atlas - baseline status report

The Choptank watershed was selected by NOAA as a Habitat Focus Area (HFA) for the Habitat Blueprint Program. As such, NOAA plans an integrated set of activities combining resources from multiple programs to leverage the full weight of its eff ...

Coastal Ecological Assessment to Support NOAA’s Choptank River Complex Habitat Focus Area: Tred Avon River

In the Tred Avon River, an important tributary of the Choptank River, we assessed the impacts of land use on the health of the aquatic ecosystem in a 3-year field study (2015-2017). In our analysis of information collected during the ...

Environmental toxicology data collected by the National Status and Trends Program for monitoring contaminants in coastal United States marine water bodies from 01 Jan 1960 to 05 May 2010 (NODC Accession 0074376)

The National Status and Trends Program is comprised of three nationwide programs: Benthic Surveillance, Mussel Watch, and Bioeffects. These programs are in place to observe estuarine and coastal waters nationwide to describe the current status and detect changes in the ...

Estuarine Living Marine Resources: Mid-Atlantic regional distribution and abundance (NCEI Accession 0162403)

This is the Mid-Atlantic regional component of NOAA?s Estuarine Living Marine Resources (ELMR) Project, a national database of ecologically and economically important fishes and invertebrates in the Nation's estuaries. The distribution and relative abundance are depicted in a consistent format ...

Estuarine salinity zones in US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and US West Coast from 1999-01-01 to 1999-12-31 (NCEI Accession 0127396)

These unprojected (geographic coordinates) 3-Zone Average Annual Salinity Digital Geographies are based on analysis of long-term salinity data for 147 estuaries of the contiguous United States. Each estuary is subdivided into three zones between the head(s) of tide, and the ...

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Coastal Ecosystem Assessment Program: A Manual of Methods

The purpose of this manual is to provide a framework for the assessment of ecosystem health that may be adapted, or used in whole or part for application to other regions. Methods are provided for all aspects from sampling design ...

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