Christopher Clement

Physical Scientist
NCCOS Program Office and Headquarters
Biogeography, Habitat Mapping

Clement utilizes geographic information systems and other database management tools and skills to provide data synthesis and data analysis expertise on benthic habitat mapping and ecological assessment projects. Most recently Clement has focused on developing three dimensional models of seafloor habitat using Structure from Motion (SfM) technologies.

Clement has conducted data synthesis and analysis for many projects since starting his career at NOAA in 1990 in the Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment (ORCA). Major projects have included work on documenting classified estuarine shellfish waters, the first national estuarine eutrophication assessment, the national marine protected areas inventory startup, and NOAA’s State of the Coast report series. Clement joined with the NCCOS Biogeography Branch in 2016 to work on environmental sensitivity index mapping for Long Island Sound, and since has also completed work on a recreational fishing survey of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Choptank River ecological assessment, an ecological assessment for the proposed Wisconsin - Lake Michigan sanctuary, and Gulf of Mexico restoration related projects.

Clement received his Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of Maryland in 1990 and his Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the Johns Hopkins University in 2000.


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