James A. Morris, PhD

Marine Ecologist
Beaufort Laboratory
Coastal Resilience, Restoration and Assessment

Dr. Morris is a marine ecologist at NCCOS where his research focuses on coastal marine ecology and marine spatial planning. He has led many multidisciplinary research projects and developed programs addressing coastal management challenges including invasive species, fisheries management, stock enhancement, coastal aquaculture development, and endangered species conservation.

Dr. Morris has also conducted species-level field and laboratory studies using approaches such as genetics, molecular biological tools, laboratory experiments, histology, geochemistry, and mathematical modeling to understand the biology, ecology, life history, and eco-physiology of marine organisms at various life stages. He has also cultured dozens of species of marine fish and shellfish for both laboratory experiments and seafood production and has decades of experience in commercial fishing and aquaculture industries. Dr. Morris is presently leading regional marine spatial planning studies to inform optimal siting of pioneering ocean industries such as wind energy. Dr. Morris is also an adjunct Assistant Professor at both Duke University and North Carolina State University.


NCCOS delivers ecosystem science solutions for stewardship of the nation’s ocean and coastal resources to sustain thriving coastal communities and economies.

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