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Creating a Baseline of Seafloor Fish, Features, an...

We conducted a baseline characterization of Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, a protected natural reef on the continental shelf off the Georgia coast. We examined reef fish, bottom features, and ...

Lobster Trap Debris in Florida Keys National Marin...

We assessed the abundance and distribution of derelict spiny lobster trap debris in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary using towed-diver surveys. We found that most trap debris aggregates in ...

Marine Debris in Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanct...

We collaborated with Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary managers and NOAA’s Marine Debris Program personnel to determine where marine debris accumulates in the sanctuary and what factors lead to the ...

Using Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, Machine Learning,...

Marine debris injures and kills marine life, interferes with navigation safety, and poses a threat to human health. We are investigating and codifying a process to detect and identify marine ...


Machine Learning Collaboration Yields New Methods ...

A high-resolution UAS image taken at Neptune Bay, Oregon, by OSU researchers and labeled by a machine learning algorithm. Marine debris is a global issue that threatens our environment, navigation ...


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