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Applied Ecophysiology of Marine Aquaculture Specie...

Forecasting environmental interactions of marine aquaculture activities requires an in-depth understanding of the environment and the species farmed. We are investigating two promising candidates for marine aquaculture: red porgy and ...

Assessing the Ecological Function of Shipwrecks, A...

Increased calls for enhancing ocean habitats through artificial reefs and proposals for increasing offshore energy development require science to understand the impact and habitat value of these artificial structures on ...

Capacity Building for Design and Analysis of Fishe...

Over 50 species of reef fish are captured by commercial and recreational fishermen in the U.S. Caribbean. Many of these species use reef habitats that are deeper than 35 meters ...

Protecting Coral Reef Fish with Improved Monitorin...

We developed a guide for monitoring reef fish in the National Park Service's South Florida / Caribbean Network (SFCN) of managed areas. Why We Care Coral reefs are more than ...


Underwater Robots Help Scientists Understand How F...

During the ROV dive on the shipwreck W.E. Hutton, the remotely-operated vehicle encountered large predators, such as the sand tiger shark pictured here, as well as other smaller reef fish ...


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