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Trophic Transfer and Effects of HAB Toxins in Alas...

This project aims to determine harmful algal bloom species composition and cell densities in Alaskan waters, and to model toxin transfer pathways to zooplankton, shellfish, finfish, and marine mammals, and ...


Ice Seals as Sentinels for Algal Toxins in the Pac...

An NCCOS-supported study detected the algal toxins domoic acid and saxitoxin in three out of four species of ice seals in western and northern Alaska. The finding suggests that ice ...

NCCOS Supports Study that Reveals Algal Toxins in ...

NCCOS and NOAA’s Arctic Program supported research that led to an important discovery in the Bering Strait and North Slope regions of Alaska that raises concerns for Arctic wildlife health ...

Co-occurrence of Different HAB Toxins Detected in ...

NCCOS-sponsored research has documented the presence of three harmful algal bloom (HAB) toxins at seven different locations, about 18 to 33 miles apart, off the coast of southern California. All ...

NCCOS Assists Response to Multispecies Mortality E...

NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science provided a Harmful Algal Bloom Event Response award of $15,000 to NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center Wildlife Algal-toxin Research and Response Network (WARRN-West) to ...

NCCOS Leads from Research to Application for Rapid...

Biotechnology that harnesses the natural biochemical systems of animals can be used to detect pathogens and toxins in environmental samples. NCCOS has supported the development of biotechnology to identify harmful ...


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