Opportunities for Postgraduates and Professionals


Scientists from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Columbia complete two weeks of formal training to detect toxins responsible for paralytic shellfish poison and ciguatera fish poisoning.

Federal Opportunities

Applications must be submitted by using USA Jobs. Additional NCCOS and NOAA position announcements may be available on the Working with NOAA website.

General Career and Job Search Web Links

Below are several career–related websites and specific publications providing information about oceanography/marine science careers:

Postgraduate Opportunities and Visiting Scholars

Visiting scientists contribute unique outside talent and perspective that helps keep NCCOS at the forefront of management–driven coastal research. NCCOS works with post–doctoral and senior visiting scientists through various programs:

Ernest F. Hollings Visiting Scholar Program

The Hollings Marine Laboratory (HML) Visiting Scholar Program accepts proposals from established investigators seeking collaborative and highly interactive research experience with scientific groups at the HML. Visiting scholars conduct research in collaboration with their sponsoring HML scientist, and provide new technologies, methodologies, research models, data, and intellectual exchange. In return, they benefit from the rich and diverse scientific community at the HML.

For more information, contact HML deputy .

National Academies' Research Associateship Programs

The National Academies' Research Associateship Programs are sponsored by federal laboratories and NASA Research Centers at over one hundred locations in the United States and overseas. Visiting Scholars select the laboratory where they will conduct research.

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The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

NCCOS hires students and early–career professionals through the ORISE program, which was established by the U.S. Department of Energy to undertake national and international programs in education, training, health, and the environment. ORISE administers fellowships, internships, and research projects at undergraduate to postdoctoral levels.

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Office of Education Scholarship Opportunities

NOAA's Office of Education also has a number of scholarship opportunities and programs listed for post–graduates.

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