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Kracker, L.M. 2003. Literature Review for a Resource Characterization of Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS CCEHBR 8. Charleston, SC. 59 pp.

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NOAA Technical Memorandum

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Through research aimed at understanding the coastal environment, surveys designed to help manage the resource, and national programs to monitor environmental condition, we see a picture of a dynamic ecosystem that is Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge (CRNWR). Currently, there are efforts underway to protect threatened species; monitor fish populations; and quantify the biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of this environment. The potential impacts to this system are just now being understood as ecological responses to human modification are observed and explained. As a starting point, this document compiles existing information about Cape Romain NWR in five topic areas and addresses the potential impacts to the Refuge. This review is intended to serve as a stepping stone to developing a research agenda in support of management of the Refuge. There are various sources of information on which to build a framework for monitoring conditions and detecting change to this environment. For instance, information on basic ecological function in estuarine environments has evolved over several decades. Long-term surveys of Southeast fisheries exist, as well as shellfish and sediment contaminants data from estuaries. Environmental monitoring and biological surveys at the Refuge continue. Recently, studies that examine the impacts to similar coastal habitats have been undertaken. This document puts past studies and ongoing work in context for Refuge managers and researchers.

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