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Kier, W.M., and D. Caldon. 1995. Watershed Restoration - A Guide for Citizen Involvement in California. NOAA Coastal Ocean Program Decision Analysis Series 8. Silver Spring, MD. 114 pp.

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This document has been created to guide and suppost every person in the community, from homemaker to elected official, who wants her or his watershed to provide clean water, harvestable fish resources and other proof that life in the watershed can not only be maintained but also enjoyed... This guide briefly reviews the condition of California's coastal watersheds, identifies the kinds of concerns that have led citizens to successful watershed protection efforts, explains why citizen, in addition to government, effort is essential for watershed protection and restoration to succeed, and puts in the reader's hands both the technical and organizational 'tools of the trade' in the hope that those who use this guide will be encouraged to join in efforts to make their watershed serve this and future generations better.

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