PMN Data

Over 11 years of phytoplankton data from the NOAA Phytoplankton Monitoring Network. Data from the New Hampshire Volunteer Phytoplankton Monitoring Program and Washington SoundToxins Program is included.


Enter Data

Select your region and enter HAB screening data here.


Access Data

On-line web server of phytoplankton data from around the network. Query and download datasets in common file formats and make simple graphs.


Explore Data

On-line data map of phytoplankton from around the network. Change map views by selecting specific time frames, species, or water conditions such as water temperature or salinity.


Archived Data

Download  Biological, chemical, and physical data from the Phytoplankton Monitoring Network from 13 Sep 2001 to 7 Mar 2013 (NODC Accession 0117942)