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Cooperative Oxford Laboratory Hosts Oxford Day Activities

Published on: 04/30/2015
Research Area(s): Other Topics
Primary Contact(s): suzanne.skelley@noaa.gov
On Saturday, April 25, NOAA's Cooperative Oxford Laboratory (COL), the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Coast Guard Station Oxford held an open house in conjunction with the Town of Oxford's 21st Annual Oxford Day celebration. After a parade through the town of Oxford, spectators dispersed to take in sights and activities planned for the day.

Visitors to the COL were welcomed from 1:00 to 3:00 pm to interact with scientists for the day's scheduled activities on the campus which included: touch tanks containing Chesapeake Bay marine life, painting fish prints on a tee-shirt, boarding the 55 foot research vessel RV5502, and science-related activities such as building buoys, underwater remote instrumentation, and beach seining.

Residents and visitors to the town of Oxford enjoyed the activities hosted at COL. State Senator, Adelaide Eckardt (District 37), State Delegate, Christopher Adams (District 37B) and State Delegate, John Mautz IV (District 37B) also visited with COL personnel during this popular event. Complete details and schedule of Oxford Day can be found at http://www.oxfordday.org/schedule.html.


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