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First Book on Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems Published

Published on: 06/03/2019
Primary Contact(s): kimberly.puglise@noaa.gov

Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems is the primary source for a basic understanding of mesophotic coral ecosystems. Credit Springer

The first book on Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems has been published by Springer. NCCOS staff played a critical role in its development, and served as a member of the editorial team.

The book provides the first comprehensive synthesis of the state of knowledge about mesophotic coral ecosystems worldwide, their geographical variations; similarities and differences between mesophotic and shallow taxa, biotic and abiotic conditions, biodiversity, ecology, and geology; the potential connectivity between shallow and mesophotic coral ecosystems; conservation and management challenges; and new technologies and key priorities for future research. The book spans 52 chapters involving over 218 authors. Eight chapters are fully or partially a result of NCCOS funded work on mesophotic coral ecosystems.

Mesophotic coral ecosystems are poorly understood ecosystems found from 30–40 m to over 150 m in subtropical and tropical ecosystems. These ecosystems are populated with organisms typically associated with shallow coral reefs, such as corals, macroalgae, sponges, and fishes, as well as species unique to mesophotic depths and deeper. In an era of significant ocean changes and documented human impacts, it is important to understand the value and role of mesophotic coral ecosystems in tropical and subtropical environments.

Citation: Lossi, Yossi, Kimberly A. Puglise, and T.C.L. Bridge (eds). 2019. Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems. Springer, New York, 1,003 pp.

For more information, contact Kimberly Puglise.


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