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NCCOS Informs Michigan Decision Against Great Lakes Net-Pen Aquaculture

Published on: 03/17/2016
Primary Contact(s): james.morris@noaa.gov

The Michigan Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Resources, and Environmental Quality have decided not to allow siting of net-pen aquaculture operations in state waters of the Great Lakes. In December 2014, two proposals were submitted to the state agencies to create a net-pen industry in northern Lake Michigan and northern Lake Huron. After nearly two years of review of environmental concerns, legal authorities, agreements with tribal entities, and economic impact, the state agencies recently released a synthesis report stating the decision not to pursue net-pen aquaculture. NCCOS supported this decision through participation on a blue ribbon panel which provided a review of environmental concerns.

Visit here for more information on how NCCOS is supporting national sustainable aquaculture practices or contact James Morris.

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