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NCCOS Intern Recognized at Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Conference

Published on: 03/02/2017
Research Area(s): Other Topics
Region(s) of Study: Waterbodies / Gulf of Mexico

NOAA Hollings Scholar Brittany Evans, currently attending Eckerd College, was awarded Best Undergraduate Student Platform Presentation at the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference in New Orleans, LA, February 6-10. Her presentation highlighted research examining the interactive effects of salinity and oil spill dispersants in the Eastern mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta, which wasconducted at the NCCOS laboratory in Charleston, SC. Dispersants were found to be most toxic for the veliger larval life stage of the snail at low salinity.

Brittany Evans, a college student at Eckerd College, testing the effects of oil spill dispersants on mud snails.

For more information, please contact Marie DeLorenzo.

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