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NCCOS Participates in 2022 Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Conference

Published on: 12/07/2022

In November 2022, staff from the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory (COL) participated in the 2022 Maryland Shellfish Aquaculture Conference held in Annapolis, MD. The annual meeting was attended by a group of more than 120 growers, scientists, managers, and industry leaders, all there to learn the latest about the shellfish aquaculture industry.

A slide describing one of the 20 Vibrio research products produced by COL, for predicting Vibrio occurrence in Chesapeake Bay. 

Shellfish aquaculture has the potential to create jobs and stimulate the economy while protecting the environment and improving water quality. The United States imports a large percentage of its seafood, and sustainably expanding our aquaculture industry could provide domestic seafood products that are in high demand.

Topics discussed included:

  • Hatchery Happenings: Year in Review and Emerging Projects
  • The Leading Edge: The Latest in Aquaculture Science and Technology
  • All About the Money: Tools and Programs to Support Your Business
  • Producers Panel: Dispatches from the Farm
  • Navigating the Waters: Regulatory Updates and Industry Impacts

In addition, Dr. John Jacobs, NCCOS scientist and director of COL, gave a presentation titled Advancing Aquaculture: Research and Predictive Modeling at the NOAA Oxford Lab. The talk described the legacy of COL contributions to shellfish research, with emphasis on three current themes of COL shellfish-related research, including shellfish sanitation, direct setting and alternate substrate, and nutrient removal and crediting. He also highlighted strong partnerships with diverse collaborators, and the broad support that COL research provides for a safe and thriving aquaculture industry, both in Chesapeake Bay and nationally.

A slide describing the 20 COL Vibrio research products for regions around the country from the presentation

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