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NOAA Science Along Our Shores (Video)

Published on: 03/08/2013
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http://youtu.be/aG-LFwqSxyg "NOAA Science Along Our Shores" is a short video that presents some facts about America's coasts, describes challenges coastal communities face, and explores the role that researchers from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS for short) play in addressing those challenges. We provide research, scientific information, and tools to help balance the nation's ecological, social, and economic goals. Partnerships with local and national coastal managers are essential in providing science and services to benefit communities around the nation. The research and tools we develop are central to addressing coastal issues raised in legislation and NOAA's priorities. We help coastal communities protect themselves from harmful algae, contamination, and the implications of changing climate. We also provide research essential for communities to develop effective and sustainable management of their resources.

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NCCOS delivers ecosystem science solutions for stewardship of the nation’s ocean and coastal resources to sustain thriving coastal communities and economies.

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