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Scenario Forecasts for Regional Coastal Management

Published on: 01/13/2014
Research Area(s): Marine Spatial Ecology
Primary Contact(s): elizabeth.turner@noaa.gov

Models play an increasingly important role in environmental problems, as decision makers need to consider the consequences of different climatic or environmental conditions, management scenarios, and population trends. Forecasts based on different environmental scenarios can move coastal decision-making to a proactive rather than a reactive mode.

NCCOS, through partners within and outside of NOAA, supports the development, transition, and operational use of scenario-based forecasts in coastal management decisions. NCCOS is supporting regional workshops, research projects, and coastal manager surveys to investigate pathways for transition from research to routine applications. These efforts support NOAA's Ecological Forecasting Services Roadmap.

For more information, contact Elizabeth.Turner@noaa.gov.


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