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Social Coast Forum 2012, Social Science for Coastal Decision-making

Published on: 02/22/2012
Research Area(s): Marine Spatial Ecology

Susan Lovelace, Maria Dillard and Trey Honeycutt participated in the Social CoastForum hosted by the Coastal Services Center in Charleston, SC February 15-16.

The purpose ofthe Forum was to gather management practitioners and social scientists to shareinformation about management needs and social science research and capabilitiesfor addressing those needs.

Honeycutt served the Forum with IT expertise while Lovelace and Dillardeach moderated a concurrent session, respectively, Social Science Methods forUnderstanding the Value of Ecosystem Services and Thinking Ahead: InnovativeApproaches for Planning and Policy Development.

To provide expertise on measuringaspects and conditions of communities and their activities they provided a tool and jobaid presentation and discussion, Indications of Change: Using Social Science Indicatorsto Support Decision-Making for three large groups of participants.

The second Social Coast Forum is planned for 2014.

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