Mapping Data Visualizations and Online Tools

NCCOS specializes in developing multiple types of visualizations, ranging from static products to those that are interactive. Static products like maps, figures, or infographics synthesize information into discrete, understandable, and easily shareable formats. Visually appealing, moving products, such as video fly-throughs of habitat mapping data or interactive models, help display information in more immersive and dynamic formats. To increase availability and usability of visualizations, NCCOS also generates online tools, such as data portals, data atlases, and interactive decision-support tools, that represent the next frontier in data translation and communication.

Mapping Platforms

3D mapping platforms, such as Living Shipwrecks 3D, are freely available online and allow diverse audiences to directly engage with remote sensing data coupled with photographs and videos. The website, which was a product from a collaboration between NCCOS and the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, has been used primarily to support stakeholder engagement and outreach efforts ahead of a proposed sanctuary expansion.

Photogrammetry Models

Photogrammetry, such as Structure from Motion (SfM) uses computer vision and a series of overlapping images to produce accurate and detailed three dimensional models of seafloor shape and habitats. NCCOS develops visualization products created from SfM such as interactive 3D models, photomosaics, and digital elevation models. Online interactive models can be very engaging, allowing users to adjust viewing angles and zoom into specific areas. Built-in tools even allow users to measure various model features.