Charles Menza

Spatial Ecologist
NCCOS Program Office and Headquarters

Menza is a spatial ecologist and project lead in the Marine Spatial Ecology Division. He specializes in using remote sensing, modeling, and geospatial analysis to study the distribution of important species and habitats, and improve place-based conservation management decisions.

Menza has been with NCCOS since 2004 and has worked on a wide-range of ecological research and mapping projects across ocean, coastal and Great Lakes waters in the US. Throughout his career he enthusiastically juggled being an analyst, collaborator, project manager and NOAA scientific diver. His research has been used in state-led marine spatial plans, essential fish habitat designations, improved assessments and restoration of Caribbean coral reefs, and new management plans for national marine sanctuaries.

Before joining NCCOS, Menza earned an M.S. in Zoology from the University of Toronto, and a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Sciences from McGill University.


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