Peter Moeller, PhD

Research Chemist
Hollings Marine Laboratory
HAB Monitoring and Reference

Moeller’s research is focused on water safety and security. His team is researching scalable technologies dealing with contaminated water mitigation and remediation. Currently, they are focused on NBOT technology, which uses ozone impregnated nanobubbles to help control algal blooms, destroy waterborne toxins and contaminants, and remove excess nutrients.

Mankato State University B.Sc. Triple Major 1983 Chemistry, Biochemistry Biology
UCSD M.S. 1985, Organic Chem, NMR
UCSD Ph. D. 1987, Organic Chem, NMR
Australian National University International Fellow 1987-1990, Natural Products, synthesis.
University of British Columbia (NSERC Fellow) 1990-1992, NMR, Synthesis, Natural Products.


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