William (Chris) Holland

Beaufort Laboratory
HAB Forecasting

Holland develops methods and expertise necessary for state-of-the-art capabilities for Harmful Algal Bloom detection, and he carries out lab studies on the ecology and toxicology of HAB species and their toxins.

Holland’s undergraduate degree is in Geology from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and he received a Masters degree in Marine Science from UNC-Wilmington in 2012, while continuing to work at NOAA.  Holland has worked at the NOAA Beaufort Lab since 2006 maintaining culture collection (>250 isolates), that is the basis for the HAB program at CCFHR.  Most duties are related to developing and validating improved assays for quantifying algal toxins in cells and fish tissues (e.g. receptor binding, neuro 2a, and hemolytic assays) at CCFHR to meet NOAA’s HAB mission.


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