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California Red Tides and Other Algal Blooms Explained

Published on: 08/09/2013

The importance of algal blooms to the ecology of the ocean, including harmful red tides, is highlighted in a new 'podcast' from the California nonprofit 'Thank You Ocean Campaign.' The podcast, entitled 'Should We Fear Red tides?,' features Dr. Raphael Kudela from the University of California Santa Cruz. Dr. Kudela explains why harmful algal blooms (HABs) are detrimental to both humans and marine life and how climate change may be making blooms of toxic algae more common.

The podcast is a direct outcome from two NCCOS sponsored research projects off Southern California; the ECOHAB project 'A Regional Comparison of Upwelling and Coastal Land Use Patterns on the Development of HAB Hotspots Along the California Coast ' and the MERHAB project 'Cal-PReEMPT - California Program for Regional Enhanced Monitoring of Phyco-Toxins.' Both of these projects supported the creation of the state-wide HAB monitoring and alert system known as California HABMAP and currently advance development of an operational HAB forecasting system. For more information, contact Quay.Dortch@noaa.gov or Marc.Suddleson@noaa.gov.

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