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NCCOS Shares Ecosystem Services Project Results with NOAA Social Sciences Committee

Published on: 06/29/2016
Research Area(s): Marine Spatial Ecology
Primary Contact(s): suzanne.bricker@noaa.gov

At this month's NOAA Social Sciences Committee meeting, Dr. Suzanne Bricker (NCCOS) highlighted a recent project on quantification and valuation of the nutrient removal capability of cultivated oysters in Long Island Sound and the Great Bay -Piscataqua estuary.

Oysters filter nutrients from the water. The project team quantified this nutrient removal using a model that measured water quality and oyster growth data. The nutrient removal represents an ecosystem service that might provide a farmer additional income in a nutrient credit trading program since the value of the removed nitrogen can be determined as an avoided cost of additional water treatment by traditional measures.The project supports nutrient water quality management programs, and has the potential to stimulate seafood production and create jobs through the expansion of aquaculture activities.

The Social Sciences Committee noted the project as a good example of the application of ecosystem services quantification and valuation to demonstrate connections between ecological and community well-being.  The goal of the committee is to integrate natural sciences with social, behavioral, and economic sciences to better support NOAA's mission.

For access to the models used in this project, visit:

Related project pages:

For more information, contact Suzanne.Bricker@noaa.gov.

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