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NOAA Helps Plan National Study on Nutrient Trends in Nation's Waters

Published on: 04/07/2014

NCCOS's Dr. Rob Magnien recently represented NOAA at a planning session of the National Academy of Sciences Water Science and Technology Board. The purpose of the meeting was to plan and explore the scientific dimensions and challenges of monitoring and detecting changes in nutrient levels in the nation's surface and ground water.

Over the past few decades regulators have increased efforts to reduce nutrients in surface and ground water in the United States. Due to the difficulty of identifying exact outcomes from specific nutrient control activities, the lack of clear-cut success stories inhibits efforts to develop practical, cost-effective nutrient controls.

The one-day planning session engaged invited experts to develop a plan and proposal for a study on lessons learned for improved monitoring of nutrients and nutrient control strategies. Dr. Magnien is Director of the NCCOS Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research.

For more information, contact Rob.Magnien@noaa.gov.

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