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Ocean Acidification Funding Announcement Released by NOAA for FY 2012

Published on: 11/16/2011

The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program and the NOAANational Centers for Coastal Ocean Sciencehave released a new competitive grants announcement for availability of grant funds for Fiscal Year 2012. An announcement of opportunity has been published to submit proposals to: Impacts of Ocean Acidification.

Proposals under the Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program: Impacts of Ocean Acidification closes 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time January 30, 2012 (Please note: Required Letters of Intent are due by 5 p.m. Eastern Time, December 15, 2011).

To find all NCCOS announcements on Grants.gov, please use CFDA # 11.478. New announcements are also available on the NCCOS funding announcements webpage.

Notices of Specific Announcements of Opportunity posted herein are provided as a courtesy to our research community. In no way is this page meant to replace the official information provided through Grants.gov.

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