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West Coast Harmful Algal Bloom Explained

Published on: 09/03/2015
Primary Contact(s): quay.dortch@noaa.gov

An unprecedented West Coast harmful algal bloom (HAB) continues, hurting Pacific Coast marine wildlife and causing economic losses to commercial shell fishers from Alaska to California. NCCOS sponsored scientists are participating in the event response and providing information to the public.

Recently, NCCOS sponsored scientist Dr. Vera Trainer of NOAA Fisheries joined Washington and Oregon state fish and wildlife officials in an informative interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting. The 16 minute interview, entitled ' Toxic Algae Bloom off the Coast is Vast,' discusses the bloom, its causes, and economic impacts. The interview is part of Oregon Public Broadcasting's 'Think Out Loud' program.

NCCOS is providing Event Response Program and grant funding to help monitor, map and analyze the toxic bloom. Most recently, whales have been reported dying in Alaska, possibly from the bloom.

For more information, contact Quay.Dortch@noaa.gov.

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